England won the World Cup 2006

England won the World Cup 2006

England won the World Cup 2006 in South Africa, and the tournament ended with a victory of the Netherlands. The Netherlands have the best football players, and they have a good squad. It is very important to choose the best players for each match, because this will help you to win.
The Netherlands have a great selection of football players. It can be seen that the team has a good number of stars. The team has the following stars:
1. Diego Costa.
2. Jorginho.
3. Van Dyke.
4. De Ligt.
5. Vermaelen.
6. Kroos.
7. van Geel.
8. Klaas-Jansen.
9. Schurrle.
10. Ribery.
11. Sane.
12. Sneijder.
13. Ings.
14. Vorm.
15. Wilt.
16. Zagzag.
17. Lendl.
18. Bentaleb.
19. Eden Hazard.
20. Bernat.
21. Modric.
22. Isco.
23. Lewandowski.
24. Pogba.
25. Alonso.
26. Lukaku.
27. Ramos.
28. Suarez.
29. Sanchez.
30. Messi.
31. Aubameyang.
32. Alisson.
33. Griezmann.
34. Rakitic.
35. Eder.
36. Wilander.
37. A.K.
38. Silva.
39. Herrera.
40. Yarmolenko.
41. Iwobi.
42. Matic.
43. Smalling.
44. Nacho.
45. Keita.
46. Lindelof.
47. Luongo.
48. Darmian.
49. Heitinga.
50. Djokovic.
51. Thiem.
52. Del Potro.
53. Tsonga.
54. Dimitrov.
55. Federer.
56. Nadal.
57. Mayer.
58. Halep.
59. Safin.
60. Osaka.
61. Verdasco. It is important to note that the Dutch team has an excellent selection of players, because they have the following players in their squad:
* Lenglet.
* Mertens.

The Dutch team is a good example of the fact that the main thing is to choose a good and strong lineup. The main advantage of the team is that it has a balanced team. It has the main stars, and it is possible to choose from the following positions:
• Goalkeeper.
• Linebackers.
In the match against England, the Netherlands played well. The English team was not able to find a way to break through the Dutch defense. The Dutch team was able to win the match, and this is a great result for the team.
You can always follow the results of the matches of the Dutch national team on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the results, the statistics, the schedule of upcoming matches, as well as the schedule and the schedule with the most important matches.
Live Results of the Matches of the National Team of the Netherland
The match with England was a good result for Netherlands. It was a tough match, but the Dutch managed to win it. The match with the English was a great success for the Netherlands, because the team managed to achieve a good performance.
It is important for the Dutch to choose an effective lineup, because it is very difficult to win against the English. The lineup of the national team of the country is very balanced, and there is a wide selection of the players. This is very convenient, because you can choose the players that are most suitable for each position.
This is very useful, because in the match with Sweden the Dutch lost the match. It seems that the Swedish players are not able not to lose, because there were many goals scored by the team, and a lot of points were won. The game was a success for Sweden, and in the end the team won.
Here you can always find the live results of matches of national teams, as the Netherlands has a very balanced lineup. You can always learn the results and the results on the sports statistics website.
All the Latest Results of Matches
The website of the sports information is very easy to use. You just have to choose one of the sections and you will find all the results. The results of all the matches that are held at any given moment are available here.
There are many matches that the Netherlands have to play, and you can easily find them on the site of sports information. The website of this information is always updated, and here you can see the results that are not yet available to the public.

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