Ex-Manchester City boss wants to sign Pogba, but…

Ex-Manchester City boss wants to sign Pogba, but…

After the departure of Josep Guardiola, the club has a new coach in the shape of Roberto Mancini. He has already managed to get the best out of the players, but he is still not able to get them to play in the same manner as Guardiola.
The Citizens have been in a crisis for a long time, and it has been obvious for a while that the situation was getting out of hand. However, it seems that the club is ready to change.
One of the main reasons for this is the desire of the club to sign a new star. The player who is considered to be the main star of the current season is the French player of the same name.
However, the player is not the only one who is interested in signing him. The club has already started to make overtures to the player, and they are ready to pay a lot for him.
It is worth noting that the player has already signed a contract with the club, so the cost of the transfer is not that high. The cost of a player of this level is not very high, so it is possible that the Citizens will be able to pay for it.
There are many reasons for the club’s desire to sign the player. First of all, the cost is very low, so this is a good opportunity for the team to strengthen the position of the team leader.
Another reason for the desire to get Pogba is the fact that the Frenchman is a very good player. He is able to create many chances for himself, and he is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them.
In addition, the Frenchman has a good understanding with the players of the squad, and this is another reason for Mancinis to want to get him. However the club still needs to show a lot of results, and the players have to be ready to do their best.

The situation with the team is not going to get better, and in the near future, the situation will only get worse. The team is in a difficult position, and if they don’t change it soon, they will be left behind.
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Why Manchester City is in such a bad shape
The current season of the English Premier League is not a success for the Citizens. The main problem of the season is that the team has not been able to show the results in the domestic arena.
This is not surprising, because the club was not in the best shape for a very long time. The previous season, the team was in the Champions League zone, but the club lost to Liverpool in the final.
After that, the players had a difficult time in the English Championship, and many of them left the club.
Now, the Citizens have a new manager in the form of RobertoMancini, who has already made some changes. The first of these was the appointment of Griezmann as the club’s main player.
He is one of the most important players of Manchester City, and his transfer to the club can be seen as a good decision by the club management.
Griezman is a player who can help the team in the fight for the title, and now the team can be considered as a contender for the gold medals.
Main reasons for success of the Citizens in the current campaign
The main reasons of the success of Manchester city are the following:
1. Excellent selection of players. The current season the club managed to make a good selection of the best players.
2. Good teamwork. The players understand each other well, which allows them to achieve the desired result.
3. Good management. The management has managed to bring the team together in a good way, which has allowed it to achieve a lot.
If we talk about the main stars of the championship, it is worth highlighting:
* Griezman;
* De Bruyne;
* Sterling.
All of them are able to decide the fate of the match for themselves, and their performance is very important for the success or failure of the game.
Despite the fact the current situation of the City is not ideal, the fans of the London team are quite happy with the current results.
They are happy with their team’ performance, and that is why they are confident about the future of the situation.
What to expect from the team of Mancins?
Now the new coach of the Manchester City has a lot to do, because he has to find a way to improve the situation of his team. The problem is that he has not yet managed to find the right solution.
At the moment, the main problem is the lack of motivation of the leaders of the Mancin’ team. This is one more reason for which the team will not be able achieve the results it is capable of.
Moreover, the current team is still in a bad way. The leaders are tired of playing in the Premier league, and there is no doubt that they will not give their all in the matches against the teams from the lower divisions.
That is why the team needs to find new ways of improving its results.

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