Every single 2016-17 top-tier summer transfer!

Every single 2016-17 top-tier summer transfer!

The summer of 2016 has been marked by a lot of interesting transfers. The main transfer that has been of particular interest is the one involving the young German star, Robert Lewandowski.
The young player has joined the Borussia Dortmund from the young team of Leipzig. The transfer fee is estimated at €40 million. The club has already started to demonstrate their new lineup and the new coach, Jurgen Klopp, has already managed to turn the team around.
In the Bundesliga, the team of the Dortmund coach is the best in the season. The team is now in the middle of the standings, but the young star has already made a significant impact on the results of the team.

In addition to the transfer, the club also made a number of transfers that can be considered as a sign of the new era of the club. Among them are:
* Fabinho;
* Leroy Sané;
* Lewandowski;
* Keylor Navas.
All of them are important for the team’s development and the team is expected to show a lot more in the upcoming season.
Borussia Dortmund’ transfer campaign
The transfer campaign of the young Dortmund team has already been successful. The young star, Lewandowski, has become a great asset to the club and has already become a key player of the Borussians. The price of the transfer is about the same as the price of a new goalkeeper.
However, the main advantage of the Lewandowski transfer is the fact that the player is a free agent. He will be able to leave the team and will not have to play for the club in the future. This is a big advantage for the young player.
It is worth noting that the transfer of Lewandowski is not the only transfer that the club has made. The following transfers can be noted:
1. Fabinha. The player cost about the price that the team paid for him. The cost of the player was about €20 million.
2. Leroy. The value of the cost of this transfer is estimated to be about the cost that the Borusians paid for the player. The fee of the price is about €7 million. This transfer is worth considering.
3. Keyloro. The Borussia is one of the main clubs in Africa and the transfer cost of Keylora is about half of the amount that the cost was for the transfer. The reason for this is the player’ high quality.
4. Sané. The costs of the transfers are the same. The players cost about €6 million. It is worth mentioning that the price for the cost is lower than the cost for the transfers.
5. Lewandowski’. The Lewandowski cost is the same for the players who have joined the team, but they are worth considering for the fact of the fact they are free agents. The fees for the Lewandowskis are the most expensive in the history of football.
6. Navas’ cost is about $2 million. He is the costliest of all the transfers that the Dortmund team made.
7. The cost for Fabinhos is about 1.5 million.

All the transfers can significantly affect the team’s results. The new season of the Bundesliga will be very interesting and will be remembered by many fans.
Will the team manage to win the title?
The season of 2016-2017 in the Bundesliga is already in full swing. The first matches of the season have already shown that the new season will be even more exciting than the previous one.
Among the main contenders for the title of the strongest league in Europe, the teams are:
* Borussia Mönchengladbach;
* Bayern;
* Hoffenheim.
Of course, there are many other teams in the top-5, but these are the main ones that are considered as the main favorites of the championship.
Many fans are already looking forward to the new championship and are expecting a lot from the teams.
This year, the Bundesliga has a lot to offer, and fans can enjoy a lot thanks to the many interesting transfers that have been made so far.
Fans can follow the Bundesliga on the website of sports statistics. Here, they will find a detailed list of all transfers that took place in the championship of Germany.
New Bundesliga fixtures
The new season in the German championship is already starting. Fans can follow its progress on the new Bundesliga fixtures page.
At the moment, the fixtures of the German Bundesliga are as follows:
• Dortmund;
• Bayern;
• Hoffenheimer;
• Schalke;
The fixtures of these teams are the following:
Bumblebees – Borussia;
Bavaria – Hoffen;
Bayern – Schal;
Hoffenheim – Boruss;
Dortmund – Bayern; and
Bayer – Bor.
These teams are now in a fight for the champion title. The fans can follow their progress on this page. The teams have already met in the previous season, when Dortmund won the title.
After that, the clubs have not met for several years.

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