Fallout from the Arsenal vs Chelsea match

Fallout from the Arsenal vs Chelsea match

The first match of the season of the English Premier League ended with a score of 1:1. The Gunners managed to get a goal in each half and equalize the score. However, the Chelsea players were able to score a few more goals.
The final score was 2:1, which is the best result of the tournament so far. The main goal of the Gunners was to get into the Champions League zone. However they failed to do this, because the team lost to the team of Josep Guardiola in the first round.

The second round of the Champions league was held, and the result was the same. The score of the match was 1:0. The most interesting part of the game was the second half, when the Gunner players managed to score several goals. The game ended with the score of 2:0, which was a good result for the team.
All results of the matches of the Premier League and Champions league are available on the sports statistics website.
Live score of Arsenal vs. Chelsea
The game of the first match between the Gunns and the Blues was held at the Emirates stadium. The first half of the score was 1-1, and in the second part of it, the score became 1:2. The teams played with a lot of intensity, and it was obvious that the match would end in a draw.
However, the teams managed to equalize their score. The second half of this match was more interesting, because in the third part of this game, the Gunnies managed to break away from the defense of the Chelsea and score a goal.
In the final round of Champions league, the Arsenal team was able to get the best score of all rounds. The final score of this tournament was 2-1.
After the game, Arsenal players were happy with the result of their game. Wenger said that the team was not at their best, but managed to finish the match with a positive result.
Arsenal players congratulated their coach, and they also thanked the fans for their support.
Results of the Arsenal matches
The Gunners started the season with a good game, and this is the reason for the high number of fans in the stands. The team managed to win the first two matches of this season, and now they are ready to fight for the gold medals.
Of course, the main goal for the Gunni players is to get to the Champions club stage. However the team has a long way to go, because they need to fight against the teams from the lower divisions.
Despite the fact that the Gunnarsson’s team was at their peak in the previous season, the team managed not to get closer to the champion title. However this season the Gunna team managed a good start, and after the first rounds they will be able to fight with the teams of the top divisions. The results of this fight will be seen on the website of sports statistics.
Detailed results of Arsenal matches and other matches of Premier league
The season of English Premier league has already ended, and there were a lot more interesting matches. The matches of Arsenal and Chelsea were the most interesting. The players of the Blues managed to achieve a good score, but the Gunnas were able not to achieve the same result. The two teams played in the Champions cup, and their game was quite tense.
At the end of the championship, the results of all matches of English premier league were available on this website. The fans of the teams can see the results in full.
Premier league results of Chelsea and Arsenal
The start of the new season of Premier League was quite successful for the Chelsea team. The club managed to qualify for the Champions group, where they played against the team from Manchester City. The result of this confrontation was a draw, and Chelsea was able not only to get in the group, but also to get an additional place in the tournament.
This was the first success of the club, and many more will be needed to achieve this goal. The season of Chelsea has already passed, and we can see that the club is still not at its peak. The performance of the team is not the best, and as a result, many fans are dissatisfied with the club.
During the season, many of the players of Chelsea were injured, and some of them have already left the team for good. This is why the fans of Chelsea are not so happy with their club. Many of the leaders of the squad left the club for good, and others are not able to play in the team, because of the injuries.
Many fans of Arsenal also have a negative opinion of the management of the London team. However it is not known whether the management will be capable of changing the situation. The Arsenal team has already won the championship of the United kingdom, and if they win the next one, it will be very difficult to get out of the group.
Latest football results of both clubs
The new season has already started, and a lot has been expected from the teams. The football results are not the most favorable for the teams, and even the leaders have problems.
Chelsea started the new football season quite well, and although the team did not achieve the desired result, it managed to fight in the matches.
One of the main goals of the fans is to see the football results in the championship.

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