Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or chances and other awards predictions

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or chances and other awards predictions

The Portuguese football player has become one of the most coveted football stars in the world. He is the best player in the history of the game. He has won the Ballon D’Or, the most prestigious football award in the Old World.
The following are the Cristiano Ronaldo’s chances of winning the award:
1. Excellent form. He scored more than 100 goals in the previous season.
2. Good team work. The team has a great teamwork and is able to achieve the desired result.
3. Good motivation. The Portuguese player has won many trophies and is a true champion.
4. Good management. The management of the team is very good and it has a good transfer policy.
5. Good coaching. The coach of the Portuguese team is Paulo Bento, who has won several trophies in the national team.
It is important to note that Cristiano is a player of the Old Continent, so he has a long way to go to win the award.
You can follow the latest news on the Portuguese player on the website of sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.

The Cristiano’s chances of getting the award
The latest news about the Portuguese football star are very interesting. He won the most famous football award of the world, the Ballons d’or. He also won the Champions League.
In the previous year, the Portuguese footballer scored over 100 goals, which is a record for a single season. The previous record was held by Pelé, who scored 105 goals in 1991.
Cristian Ronaldo has a lot of chances to win this award. The following factors can help him to achieve this goal:
* Excellent form;
* Good teamwork;
• Good management;

* Long bench.
However, the main thing is that the Portuguese star has a bright future. He can become the best football player of all time. He will be able to become a role model for other football players.
Livescore today of the best players of the year
The livescore today is the most popular section of the website. Here you can find the livescore of the top football players of today.
This season, the livescores of the leading stars of the Spanish La Liga are very busy. Among the main contenders for the title are:
· “Real”;
· “Barcelona”.
·“Atletico” is in the middle of the standings.
“Real Madrid” and “Atleti” are in the last position.
Among the main favorites of the tournament, “Valencia”, ”Atletico Madrid’, ‘Barcelona “and “PSG” have a tough time. However, the Spanish clubs have a good chance of winning.
Most interesting livescore of the season
The Spanish La liga has a busy season. Among all the main clubs, the following ones stand out:
• “Barça” has a very good chance to win;
”Real’ has a tough season, but they have a chance to get into the Champions league zone;
● The main favorites are “Celta” (who has a decent chance of getting into the playoffs);
● “Villarreal” also has a chance of entering the playoffs.
All livescored of the main teams of the championship are available on the sports statistics website. You can always find the latest information about the matches of the teams and players. The information is regularly updated.
Where to find the information about football results
The sports statistics platform has a wide range of information. You will find the results of the matches, the statistics of the players, the schedule of upcoming events, as well as the livescan of the athletes.
There are a lot interesting football results of La Liga. You should not miss them. The main contenders are: “Manchester City” “Liverpool””Barcelona” and ”Real Madrid”.
The main goal of the Citizens is to win gold medals. The club has a number of stars in its lineup. Among them are:· ‘Cesc’;
“Ronaldo” and “Leroy Sane”.
‘Sergio Aguero’ is also a good player. He scores a lot and is one of “City’’ main stars.
Each season, there are a number “winners” of the Champions Cup. The list of the winners includes:
and ‘Atletico ‘.
Of course, the “Juventus” team is not the main contender for the Champions cup. The “Inter” can enter the Champions club tournament, but the club has not been able to win it for a long time. The most interesting livescore are the following:
●“Manchester United” livescore;
●“Liverpool” livescore.
●”Chelsea” livescoring.
Now, the team has not won the Premier league for a while.

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