Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus is a done deal?

Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus is a done deal?

The summer transfer window has come and gone, and already the fans have already started to wonder about the future of the team. This is not surprising, as the team has been in a very bad shape for a long time. This summer, the club has signed a number of new players, and the results have not been good.

The main transfer of the summer was Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has become one of the main stars of the Old Signora, and he has already managed to become the top scorer of the season. The player has managed to score a total of 36 goals in the league, and this is not the first time that he has managed this.
The player has become a key player for the team, and it is now the main goal of the club to keep him. The club is trying to buy a new star, but it is still too early to say that the club will be able to buy the player. The main thing is that the player will be a good addition to the team and will help it to achieve its goals.
Will Juventus be able not only to fight for the Champions League, but also to win the Europa League?
In the summer, Juventus has signed many players, who have already managed not only the Champions Cup, but the Europa Cup as well. The most important of these players are:
ยท Lorenzo Insigne;
ยท Ander Herrera;
ยท Kevin-Prince Boateng.
These players have already helped the team to get into the Europa league, but they have not managed to win it. The team has a lot of problems in the Europa zone, and there are still a lot more matches ahead.
However, the team is still a contender for the title, and Juventus is one of its main rivals. The players of the Turin club have already won the Champions cup, and they have already qualified for the Europa championship. The season will be very difficult for the club, because the main rival of the Juventus is Real Madrid.
What are the chances of the current Juventus team to win gold medals in the next season?
This season, the current team of the Italian championship has already shown that it is able to win. The current Juventus has a good lineup, which can easily win the tournament. The following players of this team are the main contenders for gold medals:
1. Cristiano.
2. Giorgio Chinaglia;
3. Simone Zaza;
4. Danilo.
All these players have a good chance to win a place in the team of Cristiano, and will be the main favorites of the tournament in the future.
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